Nishikoori’s Kamo Soba

Our duck soba differs starkly from typical duck soba in that we place fanatical emphasis on maintaining simplicity in our cooking process, highlighting the delicate flavors inherent in both the duck and soba. The iridescent golden color and complex flavor of our duck soba come not from kombu and bonito, but, rather, a duck bouillon base.

So that customers may properly savor our duck bouillon-based soba, Nishikoori serves its duck soba cold. We find that this method of preparation leaves our patrons pleasantly refreshed and invigorated.

We regret if our duck soba should be unavailable when you order; it is a challenging dish to make and our kitchen only produces a limited amount. Please accept our apologies in advance.

Nishikoori’s Kamo Soba (cold)

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